Immuno Modulator - 01 Liter


  • Immuno Deficiency, Hepatorenal Impairment g. Disease conditions like IBD, ND, HPS, IBH, Adeno Virus, CAV.
  • Immuno Modulator is indicated in conditions resulting in severe emaciation.
  • Conditions of reduce Hepatic functionality.
  • Dietary Imbalance & Deficiencies.
  • Physical fatigue & debilitation.
  • Caged layer fatigue Syndrome
  • Compromised immunity & Stress Management 
  • Optimizes the shall gland of uterus results in the better integrity of eggshells.

Mode of Action:

  • Immuno Modulator improves neutron-Phil functions, delayed type hypersensitivity responses & the concentrations of Immuno globins’ A & G in poultry in a significant manner.
  •  Immuno Modulator alleviates oxidative stress & modulates the inflammatory response through changes in the expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines of spleen such as IL6 & TNF Alpha in poultry.