Pro Choli Phos - 1 LTR


  • It is recomended to use for all Species of poultry, Turkeys, Ducks & other spieces & during specific period of production cycle including growth, laying period after vaccination & antibiotic therapy.
  • It is indicated in case of brittel Eggs & poor eggs shell quality minerals & trace elements defficiencies problem of leg low fertility rates.
  • It used in breeder flocks for prevention of minerals & trace elements defficeincies in fetus & chickens & increase hatchability resulting from improvement of egg shell quality.
  • Poor Reproductive health
  • Perosis, Lameness, Anemia, when birds are exposed to harmful gases during winter season 
  • Immunosuppresion 
  • Retorted growth.
  • During diherria in gunboro, Enteritis, ND, salmonella etc.

Mode of Action:

  • The first & only Solution containig mineral & trace elements that are necessary for broiler, breeder, & laying hens.
  • It also has the highest quality & stability when prepares in drinling water of poultry.