Pro Nourish Plus - 1 LTR


  • Regulates the water & electrolyte balance in cells & tissues which result in proper functioning of the bird's body.
  • Eleminate adverse effect of stressful situation on slaughter productivity & quality of its meat
  • Control Metabolism of water in body which leads to the largest water retention mainly in muscular cells.
  • Improves daily weight gain by improving feed absorption.
  • Reduce heat stress & Dehydration. 
  • Reduce weight loss during transportation stress.
  • Optimises the metabolic process.
  • Increase assimilaibility of water. 
  • Helps improve final body weight.

Mode of Action:

  • Pro Nourish Plus is a unique combinations of electrolytes minerals aling with Vitamin C. It maintains the fluid electrolyte & acid base balance in the body during vital stress & transportation.In order to maintain & correct PH, bird excrete bicarbonates (HCO3) through kidneys. Bi carbonate is a negatively charged ion that needs to bind with positively charged ions such as Na+ ions are K+ to be excreted as uric acid & these positively charged ions can be defficient during stress periods especsially heat stress. Pro Nourish Plus in this case provides the body with requirewd ions. 
  • Betain as an Osomolyte increase intracellular water retention & theirfore protects intrcellular enzymes against osmotic induced inactivation. It is also beneficial in neutrient in digestibility, animal performance, metabolism and improvement in carcass leaness. 
  • Chlorogenic Acid is a centeral nervous system (CNS) stimulant. It is also stimulates certain to portions of autonomic nervous system & is used to reduce fatigue & to prevent or treat lameness in bird .
  • Phytogenic extract of piper longum has an anti-Inflammatory, analgesic & antipyretic effects on birds body & is used to treat fever & fatigue.