ProSelE10 - 1 LTR


  • Treatment of crazy chick disease,exudative diathesis & muscular dystrophy.
  •  Reduce incidence of ascites & sudden death of syndrome in broiler.
  •  Reduce leg weakness of syndrome in broiler.
  • Improve weight gain & FCR.
  • Faster growth & Bone formation.
  • Vital for immunity & reproduction.
  • Increase egg production highly recomended for layers & breeders.
  • To overcome stress of deworming, vaccination & debeaking
  • For immunity building & protecting against various viral deases & coccidiosis.
  • to prevent dermatological deases , stunted growth & musclar dystrophy. 

Mode of Action:

  • Vitamin E is a part of body's intracellular defense against the adverse effects of reactive oxygen & free radicals that initiates oxidation of unsaturated phospholipids.
  • Vitamin E is a functions as a membrane-bound antioxidant, trapping lipid peroxyl free radicals produces from unsaturated fatty acids under condition of "Oxidative Stress".
  • Vitamin E function as a quenching agent for free radicals molecules with singel, highly reactive electron in the outer shell. Free radicals attract a hydrogen atom, along with its electron away from the chain structure, satisfying the electron needs of the original free radicals.
  • Vitamin E is for essential integrity & Optimum finction of reproduvtive , muscular, circulatory nervous, and immune system.
  • The antioxident function of Vitamin E is closely related to synergestic with the role of selenium. Selenium has been found to be part of 25 selenoprotiens. These selenoprotiens participate in antioxidant & anabolic processes. Selenium has been shown to act in aqueous cell media (Cytosol & mitochondrial matrix) by destroying hydrogen peroxide & hydroperoxide via enzyme gulathion peroxidase(GSH)-Px) of which it is a co-factor.
  • In this capacity it prevents oxidataion of unsaturated lipid materials within the cells, thus protecting fats within the cell membrane from breaking down. the antioxidant property of Vitamin E & selenium also ensures erythrocyte stability & maintinance of capillary blood vessel integrity. Vitamin E & selenium plays a role in protecting leukocytes & macrophages during phagocytosis, the mechanism where by animals immunologically kill invading becteria.
  • Zinc is needed for the proper growth & maintinance of the animal body. It is found in several systems & biological reactions, & it is needed for immune function, wound healing blood clotting, thyroid function, & much more. More than 200 enzymes in body requires zinc as a co factor for their proper functions.