Respromint - 1 LTR


  • To control respiratory symptoms during outbreak of CRD infectious coryza and other respiratory diseases.
  • To overcome post vacation reaction e.g. live NDV vecination.
  • To prevent and treat sneezimg, coughing and labored breathing in infectious/non infectious causes.


Mode of Action:

  • Respromint is water soluble solution based on a combination of natural essential oils of plants, It provide safe out standing and cost effective performance in control of resporatory problems in all sectors of poultry.
  • Respromint a unique combination of eucalyptus, papermint, pine and all lemon oils along with and vitamin C. The essantial oils of eucalyptus are considerd the most powerfull antiseptics of their class against wide range of pethogenic organism. Vitamin C inhances the amunity and helps the bird getting out of stress.