Animal Health Division

Focus on Treatment and Prevention

From Pharmaceutical and Nutraceuticals products to Alternative medicines to Wellness products, Medhouse (Animal Health Division) develop smart solutions for a range of species including poultry, livestock & animal health issues.

We offer products that,

  • Improve animal disease management and production efficiency
  • Help animals live longer and healthier lives
  • Reduce the environmental impact of livestock production and increase nutrient digestibility through continuous focus on health, enzymes and probiotics
  • Enhance animal well-being and help animals live quality lives

Medhouse (Animal Health Division) pioneered many game-changers in veterinary and poultry medicine. Our aim is to protect and preserve the health of animals with our products by understanding the needs of our customers, including veterinarians and farmers.

Thanks to consistent high quality and performance, our products and technologies have earned the trust of clients and veterinarians worldwide. And every day, we continue to build on this heritage, developing innovation to support unmet and underserved areas of animal health, disease management and production efficiency.