Cinagon - 01 Liter


  • Helping to maintain a healthy immune system.
  • Maximizing intestinal health.
  • Producing drier faces & drier litter of lower ammonia levels.
  • Improving efficiency of growers.
  • Providing extra support during stressful period.
  • Improving growth rates & feed conversion ratio.
  • Improving the efficiency of layers uniformity of eggs.
  • Increasing egg production.
  • Reducing the number of cracked, inferior & dirty eggs.
  • Providing extra support during stressful periods. 

Mode of Action:

  • Origanum Vulgare, the Ultimate natural antibiotic. It is known as antibiotics in phytogenics. OEO has revealed the bacteriostatic or bactericidal activity on pathogens such as staph. aureus, Salmonella typhimurim,Escherichia coli, Ps. aeruginosa, Bacillus subtilis, spoilage bacteria Brochothrix thermosphacta, p.Ourescens, Serratia liquefaciens, lactobacillus caravatus lact. Sake & moulds Rhizobium legumonassrum, Aspergillus niger, Asp. Oavus, Asp. ochracues, Fusarium oxysporum & penicillium spp. in broth.
  • (Conner & Beuchat 1984; Galli et al. 1985; Paster et al.1990, 1995; Daouk et al. 1995; Sivroupoulou et al. 1996; Quattara et al. 1997; Manou et al. 1998 )
  • Through the researchers concluded that OEO can help mitigate intestinal damage through grater erythrocyte production reduce oxidative stress & improve performance of broilers.
  • Cinnamomum Verum oil is highly concentrated with antioxidants, which makes it effective as a natural digestive aid, blood sugar stabilizer & circulation booster. It is also commonly used to combat cardiovascular diseases & fight Infections. The oil itself especially has strong ant parasitic, anti inflammatory, anti platelet & anti viral properties, which makes it extremely useful for enhancing immunity.
  • Thymus vulgar is oil treat respiratory conditions kill bacteria & treats intestinal infections. Tones circulatory system & strengthen cardiac muscles.
  • The photochemical constituent of capsicum annum oil is shown to produce an anti inflammatory response & analgesic properties. Many of bioactive compounds of CAO provide antioxidant effects. Improved vasodilatation allows for these antioxidants photochemical to circulate through the body to have a beneficial effect in repairing tissue protein.