• "Medhouse"
    Incorporated in 2016 and became operational in October 2018, Medhouse deals in

    Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals & Derma Care

    products among Animal Health Division, Human Division, Cosmeceuticals Division and Cosmetics Division

  • "Human Division"
    Our researchers are focused on

    To Help You To Live Healthy Life

    Our mission is to build healthy tomorrow through innovative products
    to significantly improve life styles

  • "Animal Health Division"

    Focus on Treatment, Prevention & Cure

    From Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical products to Alternative medicines to Wellness products.
    Medhouse develop smart solutions for a range of species including poultry, livestock & animal health issues

  • "Cosmeceuticals Division"

    Healthy Dermatology Solutions

    Developing dermatology products with the philosphy

  • "Cosmetics Division"

    Developing Innovative Beauty Cosmetics Products

    Creating possibilities to develop beauty and cosmetic products wich follow
    "GOOD FOR YOU" Standards

Medhouse Group

Incorporated in 2016 and became operational in October 2018, Medhouse Group consisting of multiple private limited companies specialised in manufacturing, sales, marketing and contract manufacturing of high quality and wide range of

  • Pharmaceuticals products among Animal Health Division
  • Nutraceuticals products among Human Division & Animal Health Division
  • Dermatology and Beauty products among Cosmeceuticals Division & Cosmetics Division
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CEO Message

From Human Health to Animal Health & Dermatology to Beauty Cosmetics, at Medhouse, we strongly believe in providing best quality products among all our divisions backed up with foremost services to establish a solid and long term working relationship with our clients and business partners.

We seek to bring people, health, beauty and happiness through our innovative new products.

Along with ''Understanding the Market & Patient's need'', key reasons for Medhouse success include recognition of our employees as our prime resource and putting continuous emphasis on their training and development to enhance their professional skills. Valuable & trustworthy team and their untiring efforts resulted in successful market penetration in short span of time.

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Medhouse's global product portfolio includes more than 350 key products among 3 business categories including all 4 divisions , many of which are innovative leaders in their respective markets. We deliver better outcomes for patients & clients through science-based innovation in growing areas of health & self care.

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Featured Product / News
Pro Choli Phos - 01 Liter

INDICATIONS: * It is recommended to use for all Species of poultry, Turkeys, Ducks & other species & during specific period of production cycle including growth, laying per

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